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Creative Design & Media Manager

Job ID: 100285 | Full Time | Management Team

Job requires: Master’s degree in Graphic Design or Arts Administration and 24 months experience as a Graphic Designer. Position also requires: Experience must include: 1) 24 months experience designing advertising, branding, and marketing plans and strategies; 2) 24 months experience developing optimal user interface designs for e-commerce platforms including websites, online POS (Point of Sale) systems, and mobile applications; and 3) 24 months experience working across multiple online platforms and medium channels. Experience requirements may be met concurrently during the same time period.

Job duties: Oversee and implement content calendar to execute innovation and creative strategies, brand image, and concept ideation for restaurant. Design compelling and creative designs for branding strategies. Oversee and organize creative budget for each quarter. Plan and lead creative development of all design projects for Multimedia and E-Commerce including website design, email campaign, social media including Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and other emerging channels; digital and print ads; videos; photography; typographical style; and graphic format. Determine creative project content by reviewing and approving that all art and copy materials are on board and consistent in terms of style, quality, and graphic design. Direct work with partnered advertising agencies to clarify seasonal creative goals in either traditional or digital ways, and ensure execution of those goals to ensure the output meets the high standards of the company. Develop and coordinate consistency in store interior design. Coordinate and lead a team with events planning, such as catering and social events. Manage all online accounts including EatStreet, GrubHub, UberEATS, DoorDash, Postmates, and Evergreen Online Store to make sure every platform meets the brand presentation.

Qualified candidates should send resume and verification of requirements to: Mr. Greg Guo President Evergreen Oriental Inc. 2771 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105

POSTED ON 05/21/2020