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Senior Full Stack System & Application Engineer

Job ID: 100286 | Full Time | Management Team

Job requires: Master’s degree in Computer Science and 24 months experience as a Software Engineer. Position also requires: Experience must include: 1) 24 months experience designing and developing distributed scalable full-stack system; 2) 24 months experience developing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) eCommerce platform; 3) 24 months experience developing Android and IOS mobile applications; and 4) 24 months experience developing scalable server with Representational State Transfer (REST) services. Experience requirements may be met concurrently during the same time period.

Job duties: Design and develop distributed scalable full-stack eCommerce online systems (IOS, Android, Website) which allow users to place orders through website and phone application to increase online selling. Design and implement a high-performance RESTful backend server to handle application traffic, design backup plan, and error tolerance/recovery plan to ensure the availability and consistency of the system. Design and develop a backend orders manager application which allows users to manage inventory and daily orders, as well as generate selling reports. Develop a self-ordering kiosk system which allows walk-in users to view menu, order food, and make payment to optimize users ordering experience. Integrate 3rd party online ordering platform into current POS (Point of Sale) system. Design and implement an AI (artificial intelligence) recommendation system. Set up Linux servers to host company website, email server, and cloud drive to support company’s dialing operations. Maintain and improve the full-stack eCommerce system to ensure system stability and provide the best user experience to clients.

Qualified candidates should send resume and verification of requirements to: Mr. Greg Guo President Evergreen Oriental Inc. 2771 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105

POSTED ON 05/21/2020